Experience is the reason. Our founders are both veterinarians and business executives, all having served in high-level leadership roles within the largest multi-unit practice on earth. Jeff Brant, DVM was involved in the early founding of Banfield and Todd Marcum, DVM owned and operated the largest group of franchise hospitals within Banfield. Kelly Orfield served in a variety of executive leadership roles over his 16 years of tenure, including the Sr. Vice President of Hospital Operations overseeing nearly 800 hospitals and over 100 field leaders. Servant leadership underpins our unique approach to building relationships and our stated goal of stewardship ensures the safeguard of your legacy.

The LegacyVet Advantage

Feeling Ownership Weary? We Can Help!

Why LegacyVet?

  • LegacyVet is lead by veterinarians and experienced multi-location managers. Our unique, combined experience is unsurpassed in the profession. This means that you will be in good hands with LegacyVet. We understand the challenges you face and we are best equipped to help.

  • You went to school to practice medicine—not bookkeeping, advertising, purchasing and supply chain or even HR management. LegacyVet takes all the headaches of ownership and enables you to pursue you purpose; practicing great medicine.

  • Your team is your family—and we know it! If you worry more about the future of your team than the price you can get for your practice—LegacyVet is your best choice. Not only do we offer the most competitive, all-cash price for your practice, but we believe in the power of people. LegacyVet offers the very best in employee compensation, including health benefits, paid time off and training and development. When you join LegacyVet, their best days are ahead!

  • LegacyVet is different. We are profession “insiders” as opposed to the several “outsiders” flooding into the veterinary space, looking only for ROI (return on investment). As insiders, we speak your language, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside of you and your team and we never forget that our great profession is about relationships. We are real people, helping real people and our mission in life is to be good stewards of everything entrusted to our care.

  • Not all Change is strategic. Some groups promise “no change”—we do not. We believe that some strategic changes are good for your practice, for your team and even for you. But even further, we lead through those strategic changes with our Transition Coaches—working side by side with you and your team. Fully transitioned hospitals will be equipped to see more patients, provide a great client experience and at the same time—leave the doctors and team feeling invigorated and engaged!

  • Because we care! Who better to judge our commitment—but those who have joined LegacyVet? We encourage you to do your homework—view the testimonials on our website and call Dr. Jeff Brant today for a list of doctors who are willing to share their experience on the LegacyVet transition.

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