Our Core Belief: Our profession is undergoing dynamic change and because of that, the strongest practices in the future will be groups that:
  • Are led by Veterinarians
  • Have a medical focus on Quality Preventive Care
  • Deliver High Value for Money to clients as a Trusted Brand
  • Afford collective buying power resulting in significant discounts vs. individual practices
  • Offer a compelling Shared-Services model that relieves the “weariness of ownership”
  • Unlocks the full potential in their people through meaningful investment in training and development
LegacyVet was founded based on our Core Belief. We endeavor to invite like-minded owners of outstanding practices to join us in this effort. In doing so, we believe that we help build a stronger tomorrow for our great profession. As the humanization of pets continues to drive more affordable healthcare, our strategy will help ensure full-service veterinary care does not become marginalized by allowing low-cost, low-quality options rush to fill the growing demand. To remain independent, the best practices must join together and become stronger together. In this way, the future of our great profession will remain strong and more united than ever as we lean in to ever increasing demands for lower cost, higher-quality veterinary care.