If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

(African Proverb)
At LegacyVet, we believe that it will “take a village” to optimize your competitive advantage in the future. We hold firm that the best practices of the future will be:
  • Lead by Veterinarians
  • Multi-Location Practices that Enjoy Economies of Scale
  • Deliver High Value for Money to Clients through Wellness Plan Offerings
  • Represent a Highly-Trusted Brand of Veterinary Medicine
  • Heavily Invest in Their People, through Strong Compensation, Ongoing Training & Professional Development

Economies of Scale

Economies of scale is a widely-used business term that describes the benefits larger organizations can enjoy. For instance, a single practice might purchase $250,000 worth of inventory items per year, used in the everyday practice of medicine. While that amount is a lot of money, it may represent an “average” annual spend for a single-location practice, not worthy of material discounts in the eyes of a distributor. If ten “average” practices join forces and combine their buying power, then the annual spend represented surpasses $2,500,000—a much larger sum in the eyes of the same distributor. Economies of scale are often mutual as in this scenario, the distributor realizes economies of scale too. One single contract, invoice and relationship can equate to material savings in overheads, which allows the supplier to pass along greater discounts and more competitive pricing. This is key ingredient in the LegacyVet equation; there is greater strength in numbers and together, we go far!


By Doctors, For Doctors

The proliferation of consolidators and “outsiders” to the profession has manifest in the form of new groups popping up across the country. At LegacyVet, we believe that doctors should lead doctors and that should start at the top. As profession insiders, we understand what it’s like to be on your own as a single practice owner. You are responsible for everything, which tends to lead to what we call “ownership weariness”. Nobody understands what you go through better than another doctor who has been there themselves. We firmly believe that the very best practices of tomorrow will be lead by veterinarians. We believe that the only way to truly preserve your “legacy” (those relationships that have been born out of your years of faithful practice) is to become part of something bigger than yourself. That is why we say, “If you want to go far, go together.”


The Power of People

At LegacyVet, we believe in the power of people. Our people are not simply employees—we think of them as family. We care about PEOPLE more than profit and strive to make that evident in all we do. Each of us probably has a story of a time in our life when someone put their confidence in us—endorsed us (believed in us) as a fully capable individual. Conversely, we also have stories where we did the same for others. There is no greater feeling of success as a leader and/or mentor than when we witness true personal or professional growth in an individual we chose to believe in. At LegacyVet, we believe in unlocking the potential in people. We strive to be an organization that invests heavily in our people, in order to unlock their full potential. Success comes full circle and is a byproduct of the Power of People. That is why we say, “If you want to go far, go together.”


The future is bright at LegacyVet! Become a part of something bigger, more sustainable and highly competitive in the changing landscape of our profession. The best practices of the future will fully optimize economies of scale—and reinvest greater in the power of people, in order to unlock their full potential. Lead by doctors—your legacy will live on, as your people enjoy their very best days ahead!