What We Do: LegacyVet serves the veterinary profession by offering private-practice owners unique exit or “slow-down” strategies that afford the lucrative financial reward they deserve—and a very bright future for their work-families.
  • LegacyVet Creates New Value in established practices, while preserving the unique operational and cultural attributes that underpin their legacy
  • LegacyVet buys established private practices that have a POSITIVE CULTURE and a DESIRE TO GROW
  • LegacyVet works to preserve the Legacy of each owner by:
    • Providing experienced change-management leadership on strategic enhancements
    • Protecting the best operational and cultural elements already in place
    • Significantly investing in the developmental needs of each team member
  • LegacyVet unlocks business and personal potential by offering doctors and paraprofessionals the opportunity to become part of something bigger—including opportunities to advance, grow & develop.