How we do it: LegacyVet buys select practices that are well established and have a desire to further learn and grow. Once a practice is invited into the fold and purchased, a Veterinary Transition Coach and Hospital Transition Coach paraprofessional are embedded in the practice in order to lead through strategic change. Only strategic enhancements that are proven growth tactics and/or operational efficiencies are focused on. Through our proven, shoulder-to-shoulder approach, several teams have experienced improved efficiencies in even the oldest, most-established practices. Employee engagement is also a major focus, which directly translates to client satisfaction. At LegacyVet, we believe that if the team is fully engaged, the clients experience higher levels of satisfaction and improved operating results follow. We understand that change is difficult, so we lean into it with proven change-management methods and experience in order to help each employee catch a bright vision for their own future—as well as that of the practice.