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Dr. Jeff Brant"We founded LegacyVet with YOU in mind. I have been an owner of a single location practice. I have worked the long hours, tending to every detail of the practice, from payroll to pricing and from hiring to firing. I also spent over 20 years owning, operating and consulting larger, multi-location practices both here and abroad. I know the challenges you face as an owner. I also know a better way. A way that prepares and rewards you for tomorrow, provides a bright future for your team and preserves the legacy which is your practice. That is the LegacyVet way; become part of something bigger and help us become better together!”
Jeff Brant - DVM, MBA

LegacyVet For A Changing Profession

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Caring it Forward Means...

Providing For Your Team

We understand how important these people are to you; they are like family. We believe that the best practices of the future will heavily invest in their employees. Top-tier wages, medical benefits, paid time off, training and development, continuing education and opportunities to advance are all important factors that LegacyVet is committed to providing. Unleash your team members by joining forces with LegacyVet and we can assure you—their very best days will be ahead!


Securing Your Future

Times are uncertain and the economy has seen more downs than ups in recent years. Take your nest egg out of harm’s way and explore an all-cash sale to LegacyVet. We offer fair and highly competitive packages that include ongoing upside, in return for your continued engagement, leadership and change management. What is better than waking up each day and looking forward to doing what you do best—helping pets? We enable you to pursue your passion and calling by removing the burdens of ownership and emotional distress of financial risk. Call Dr. Jeff Brant today at (360) 944-4489 for your complimentary consultation.


Shoulder-To-Shoulder Coaching

At LegacyVet, we take a different approach. When a practice joins the fold, we embed highly experienced veterinarian and paraprofessional coaches. Our coaches are just that—coaches, not “new bosses” and they partner with you and the leadership of your practice to first understand best practices and then to introduce a few strategic enhancements. Our commitment is to build upon the great foundation you have established. By creating all new value, we are able to fund additional investments in wages, benefits, training and development—as well as new equipment to support a growing practice. LegacyVet is built on relationships and we start with you and your team!


Slow-Down & Step-Up

“Ownership-weary” is a term we hear used a lot. It describes the feelings of being constantly sub-optimized as a doctor, by the requirements of practice management. Whether you are thinking of fully retiring, or simply want to slow-down, we can help. Our unique shared-services model is designed to help you de-stress by offloading the mundane, day-to-day ownership duties that drain your energy. Our highly-experienced team back at HQ take care of everything from accounting, to payroll, to negotiating better contracts and prices, they are the best in class and there to help you. Let LegacyVet help you do more of what you went to vet school to do; practice great medicine and help pets and their families!


Preserve Your Legacy

Our name says it all. LegacyVet was founded to help you preserve your legacy. Our firm belief is that the best practices of tomorrow will be groups. Groups that are lead by veterinarians. Groups that prove their commitment to their employees by the wages, benefits, training and development they offer them. Groups that focus on quality, preventive care and deliver high value for money to clients. Groups that leverage their collective size and volume by negotiating better costs and delivering better prices to the consumer. Groups that are like-minded and believe in that old African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Times are Changing

 "Our great profession has undergone dynamic change over the past several years, making it increasingly difficult to compete as a single-location practice. That’s why we believe that the very best practices of the future will be multi-location practices, lead by veterinarians who leverage their scale and invest heavily in their people. Join us—we know how to unlock the full potential of your practice and your team!"

Jeff Brant, DVM, MBA

Your Practice, Your Future, Your Choice

Why Choose LegacyVet?


In a word, “Experience”. LegacyVet was founded by long-time executive veterinarian and business leaders. Two of our founders served as Sr. Vice President of Hospital Operations for the largest multi-location veterinary practice on earth. A third founder owned and operated the largest multi-location franchise enterprise within Banfield. All of our DVM Principals have owned and operated single-location practices as well. Our combined experience, coupled with our unique paradigm of servant-leadership, makes LegacyVet a solid choice for the stewardship of your future!


What About My Team?


Your team is your family—and we know it! If you worry more about the future of your team than the price you can get for your practice—LegacyVet is your best choice.


What About Me?


This question probably does not come easy for you. You are a trusted steward of health in society and you take that charge seriously. Planning for the future of your practice is serious too and it’s a great time to think about and plan for your own financial future because, if you don’t, who will? As veterinarians, we understand and we are here to help!


What About The Future?


Although times are changing, at LegacyVet, we believe the future is bright! Our insights are unique, due to the collective years we have spent leading, growing and consulting some of the largest veterinary practices. We have also owned and operated single-unit practices as sole owners. We have lived in both worlds, which gives us confidence when we say—Our Best Days are Ahead!


Dr. Kim Hill, DVM

Lansdowne Veterinary Clinic

"LegacyVet has eased the transition process. They care so much about the well being of our staff, our clients and our fur babies."

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say about their experience with LegacyVet!
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3 San Francisco Hospitals

I was the owner of three veterinary practices in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1970. I had no intention of selling my practices when I got a call from an old friend of mine, [...]

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Bellville Hospital

I have been working with the Legacy group for the past several months and have had only positive interactions. They have impressed me with their concern for my employees’ [...]